Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday - Kenai Fjords National Park

We did the six hour tour with Kenai Fjords Tours and had a great time. Leaving the small boat harbor in Seward at 11:30am, we got out during wonderful weather. It was "warm" (around 55f) and skies had broken clouds, nice for photography out on the water.

During the trip, we saw quite a bit of wildlife, including a black bear on the beach, eagles, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, dall's porpoise, puffins and sea otters. When we arrived at the face of the Aialik Glacier, it almost immediately calved. Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of the boat to witness or photograph it. We sure did hear it though.

About 15 minutes later, there was another large calving that occurred to the far right end of the mile-wide glacier. I was fortunate to capture six or seven shots in succession as ice dumped into the water.

I wish I had more time to post more here, including photos . . . but that will have to wait. We have a long drive from Seward to get up to Fairbanks by 5:00pm tomorrow (Friday) so we need to pack up and hit the road.

Until the next time (from Fairbanks) thanks for checking on our big adventure blog!

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  1. Again, I will be looking forward to all your photos1