Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Night - WHEW!

Well the Great Alaskan Adventure comes to an end with our flight home tomorrow morning. As poorly as the weather was we when arrived here just over two weeks ago, it was that perfect this weekend.

As I already posted, our salmon bake dinner night out on Friday was fantastic . . . a great night for an outdoor picnic style supper. Yesterday and today was more of the same!

Saturday we enjoyed a visit to the University of Alaska/Fairbanks' Museum of the North. While I had been here before, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip because we also took in two of their three movies. The one on life in Fairbanks in the winter was reaffirmation for David that he would not want to live here. I on the other hand, enjoyed watching the 2008 film that included the ONAC . . . "HEY I was there!" The other movie was on the aurora borealis, a subject I never bore of.

After the museum, we headed north to the El Dorado Gold Mine. Sure it is a bit touristy, but what the heck . . . WE ARE TOURISTS! We enjoyed it and was able to pace ourselves to avoid that "stuck in the gift shop" gripe that some have after their panning experience. I panned for $27 worth of gold flakes, while David had $14 (give or take).

Saturday was our last night of RV suppers followed by some TV via our laptop :)

Sunday morning was a bit rushed as we had a lot of chores to do in order to get the motorhome to her owners and be ready to join our Riverboat Discovery at 1:30pm. Washing the linens before a breakfast meet up with my friend Susan and her hubby . . . and then going back to the RV park to take care of the final dumping of waste waters . . . and then off to the car wash and lastly a propane tank fill-up. While we ran late and the propane station had technical issues, everything went pretty much A-OK.

We met the RV owners at the appointed location, had our final good byes and then dashed off for our afternoon tour. The Riverboat Discovery was also very informational and entertaining, adding a lot to our Fairbanks experience.

I wish I had photos available to post tonight, but alas, my camera accessories are packed away out in the car trunk. I will post some photos with a more detailed overview of the El Dorado Gold Mine & Riverboat Discovery tours as well as our brunch this morning at Pike's Landing Restaurant when we get home . . . probably Tuesday night.

Tonight we are hoping for an aurora viewing opportunity, although it doesn't sound too promising based on the most recent info at With a 5:30am wake-up call, our final travel day will come quickly so I'm going to wrap up things here tonight and hit the sack.


  1. What a wonderful vacation you had. It always ends to fast, doesn't it?

  2. You said you met the RV owners. Did you rent the RV from a private party?