Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday in Soldotna

Turns out that we do have internet access here at RW's Camping & Fishing camp in Soldotna. We just finished eating lunch after being out in the rain fishing for six hours. Unfortunately our boat was pretty much skunked, two silver salmons for the four fishing. Not a very good showing at all, especially since we (The Bennetts) were shut out completely.

When we woke up at 5:45am it was pouring down and we debated punting given that David had come down with a head cold. He was a trooper though, and we got up and out to meet our group at the assigned time (6:30). Fishing the Kenai for the silvers was something I was really looking forward to, especially since the daily limit is three per person. Go figure we'd catch none.

That isn't exactly true, come to think about it. We did catch several pink salmon (aka humpies) that were in the river at the end of their life cycle. They were on the downhill side of things, about ready to die so we were told not to keep them as their meat would not be very edible. So if you take them into account, I suppose we did have a good day of "catch n release" fishing . . . four for me and three for David.

While I am posting, I may as well add a couple of photos from our drive to/from Ninilchik. This is Mt. Redoubt, the active volcano that erupted here about a year or so ago. It is located across Cook Inlet in Lake Clark National Park, where we're heading tomorrow for our overnight bear viewing trip at the Silver Salmon Creek Lodge.

On our way out of Ninilchik, we stopped by this old Russian Orthodox church for a photo. The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel was built in 1901. Ninilchik was founded by Russian fishermen who came over from Kodiak Island back around 1850.

David continues to be "chef" on this trip although cooking in an RV can be a bit of a challenge. Spaghetti is a simple dinner to make, with plenty for a second meal so that has been on the menu a couple of times thus far. Here he is fixing pancakes yesterday morning. That came with the challenge of not having a spatula, but no worries, we did have a nice flat meat cleaver that served the purpose quite well. LOL

Well here's to hoping that the bear viewing tomorrow goes better than the salmon fishing went today. I also hope that David continues to get better dosing with Nyquil and Jack Daniels!

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